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🔸For the last few classes during Yoga Nidra, we’ve introduced a resolution or resolve. In the Sanskrit language, this is called a Sankalpa! It’s where we plant a seed for something positive to manifest in our everyday lives. ‘Kalpa’ means vow or the rule to be followed and ‘San’ refers to a connection with the highest good. So Sankalpa is a vow we make to support our highest truth.

🔸Most news years resolutions come from the ego, wanting more, wanting things that don’t necessarily support your highest good. They are usually dropped pretty quickly. A Sankalpa on the other hand, comes to us in a state of deep relaxation, when the mind is at ease and the heart has a chance to speak. It’s an authentic wish we have for ourselves. Whatever we want to be already exists within us so we repeat it three times in the present tense. It’s the sacred self letting the body know what direction it needs to take.

🔸The first #Sankalpa I stuck with was ‘I am accepting.’ I wanted to let go of expectations, to let every situation be what it was and not what I wanted it to be, to accept that I can’t control how other people are or what they want to do.
It was a tough time, because back then there were some things that in my gut I knew I couldn’t let go of but couldn’t accept either, without damaging my self worth. But by focussing on what I COULD accept and by bringing in a general theme of #acceptance to my life, a shift slowly started to happen…😊

🔸Another one which I only noticed recently but I’m sure it’s been happening progressively for a while now.. ‘I let go of fear and judgement.’ Releasing anything fear-based and releasing judgements about others and about myself. I love my freedom, heading off in the van to be in nature, no rules, nothing to do and everything to see but this feels like freedom on a whole new level. Being my authentic self without judging people by thinking they are judging me haha! What a load of nonsense! Letting go of the silly thoughts telling me I can’t do this or I’m not good enough to do that. Not being afraid to make my own noise. It’s taken me a while to get here, and I’ve still a while to go I’m sure but I’m feeling confident right now… maybe it’s time to get out of my comfort zone again!

🔸Anyway all this didn’t happen overnight but all I had to do was plant a seed in my head at least once a week, and gradually my thought patterns changed which made my reality change!!
And now things are fabulous!!!😛 Everything flows and I no longer drive myself crazy – which makes for easier living😂 drama has no place in my little world, so yeah… happy days! Our thoughts create our reality so be sure to check them on the daily!

🔸I’ll be releasing a Yoga Nidra audio recording really soon for a small price. In it we’ll work with Sankalpa & balancing the chakras. This way if you can’t make class for whatever reason, you can still work on this as much as you like!!

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  1. Love this post, I really like learning more about what we do in your classes, actually understanding it all a bit more makes it all flow even better, so thanks for this. Can’t wait to buy your yoga nidra recording, I need your soothing voice in my life more than once a week!! ❤️

  2. Aww thanks Meabh!! That’s really good to know too, positive feedback! 😊

    The Nidra is ready now!! Yeeep!


    See you this evening 💓

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