Since starting Shanti Yoga in January 2018, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to hold some special classes, workshops and gatherings. I feel that these events are super important, especially in today’s society, to encourage community. Learning to trust and work with each other.

It’s early days. I’m still growing and learning myself but it’s an absolute pleasure to be on this journey with you all. Thank you for connecting with me and allowing me to share what I love. Unbelievably excited for 2019!


Beach Yoga

These outdoor classes were a huge success. Whether we were down by the shore or nestled behind the dunes, with nature’s sounds as our playlist, everyone loved being by the sea.


Yoga In The Park

With the sun shining down on our faces and the beautiful summer sounds of children laughing and birds singing, these mornings were blissful! A handy one for mams and dads, who were able to bring the older kids along to join in. Some even parked buggy’s under the shade of a tree to get their yoga in while their babes enjoyed a mid morning snooze! Keep your eyes peeled, when the weather heats up we’ll be getting back on the grass.



Nature Lovers Forest Yoga

“I am rooted but I flow” – Blessed to be surrounded by beautiful wise old trees, with branches swaying in the breeze, we soaked in the earthy scent of the forest floor. Taking Mother Nature’s qualities and using them in our practice. Strong but gentle. Fierce but kind. A gorgeous space for connection, to self and within the group. The high from this class was felt long in to the evening!



Autumn Equinox, A Gratitude Gathering

This was my first real experience hosting a workshop and what an evening it turned out to be! An amazing turn out at the beautiful and historic An Tobar. With the support of my partner Lez, we brought the group relaxing yoga, nidra, some story telling, celtic drumming, yummy dahl, tea and chats by candlelight. A lovely way to give thanks for the extra sunny summer we had. Also a nice way to show our shadowy sides some love as we moved in to the darker months.


Saturday Night Soul Food

In this workshop we experimented with a creative flowing Yoga sequence followed by a guided relaxation and visualization to allow us to tune in to that peaceful and creative space. Pastels and paper in hand, we put our thinking minds aside and let our inner child out to play. We took some time to discuss the creations we’d made. As the evening drew to an end, we moved and danced with whatever we were feeling, letting insecurities be released. Reconnecting in our circle to close the evening with lots of laughs and yummy treats.



Wellness Wonderland

Coming up to Christmas this was a really exciting event. We had a Yoga class, a guided relaxation and some Bodhran beats. The evening ended with a good dance, finishing up with Elton John’s ‘Step in to Christmas’. We enjoyed mulled wine or tea with cake, chocolate, cheese, fruit, more cake… Safe to say we were feeling fabulously festive!!



Brigid’s Transformative Fire

As spring sprung, a gorgeous group of women gathered together for almost 3 hours of fun! Embracing the feminine in each of us, looking at the qualities of Goddess Brigid and recognizing those same qualities in ourselves and each other. We flowed through the evening – empowered – dancing, laughing, moving, journaling, meditating. There was such a beautiful energy in the air! Thankful to the wonder-women who contributed that evening!